Sunday, December 16, 2012

Preparing for the President's Visit


Saturday afternoon I saw 5 large helicopters in the sky near my house. At first I thought they were news helicopters but I quickly saw they weren't normal helicopters; they were those hotdog-shaped helicopters used by the military (or Airforce One). They seemed to be traveling west directly above Rt. 25 before veering to the north (toward Sandy Hook) at the flagpole.

We didn't learn that President Obama would be visiting my town until last night, but my friend said what I saw was the Secret Service scoping out the route in advance. (I guess it wouldn't be practical to stop and ask directions should they get lost.) However, news reports have indicated the President will arrive at Bradley International Airport in Hartford. I guess if he is then driven to Newtown (a good hour-long drive from the airport), then the security issues still need to be worked out.

It was an impressive sight.

I have also heard that the superintendent of schools has hinted that Sandy Hook School may never reopen. This, after I received a robo call last night from Pat Llodra, our town's first selectwoman, saying that all schools in my town will be closed Monday and then all except Sandy Hook School will reopen on Tuesday.

If I were a parent, I would want that school razed to the ground. How could any parent feel good about sending their children back there? Although budget votes are always contentious battles here that pit seniors and frugal-minded folks against school supporters, I suspect that if the subject of building a new elementary school comes up to a vote this spring, it will pass, easily

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