Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Walk at Fairfield Hills and the Labor Day Parade

Why is it that the most beautiful weather days seem to follow really bad weather?

After yesterday's tornado watch, on again, off again rain and blustery winds, this morning arrived with much lower humidity, crisp fresh air and a sunny blue sky.

Althought my mother was coming to pick up some tomatoes from the garden, I couldn't resist slipping out for an early morning walk.

I headed over to Fairfield Hills, but instead of doing the usual walk through the shady woods on the paved asphalt trail, I parked at Reed Middle School and walked down Trades Lane.

Hadn't been there in a while, so was pleased to see the nearly completed new animal shelter.

What an improvement over the old one, wedged in between the landfill and the railroad tracks.

I made a large loop around the sunny corn fields, noticing many cobs still on the stalks. Perhaps they will be harvested soon.

It was so peaceful and quiet; you'd never guess you were in the center of Newtown.

Here's the 2nd Company Governor's Horse Guard, saved from the state budget axe.

This past Labor Day I got to march in my hometown's Labor Day parade. It's the only one in the state. I was marching for a friend's organization that raises funds for disabled war veterans who need to make their homes handicapped accessible. It's the least we can do.

Our division, which was near the front, met at the northern end of Main Street, waiting for the signal to begin. It was fun seeing the many participants in Colonial-era garb. Love the hoop dresses!

I must admit to getting a little choked up when we came around the bend and saw all of Main Street down to the flagpole and beyond, packed with cheering crowds. It was quite a colorful scene.

Good time was had by all. I'd do it again in a heartbeat! As I told my friends and family, when else will I get to see what it's like to be Britney Spears (or any other celebrity)? You know, getting cheered, having your photo taken, throngs of adoring fans...what's not to like??

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