Friday, February 18, 2011

Major Snow Melt in Progress

With balmy, nearly 60 degree weather in store for us today, I'm looking forward to significant progress in melting our waist-high snow here. Judging by the portion of picket fence now showing above the snow pack on the north side of my house, we lost about 10 inches of snow just yesterday, when temperatures reached into the 50s.

The bluebird box, mounted on a 6-foot-high pole, no longer looks like some sort of mouse house at ground level. In other words, you can see the pole now.

With all the white stuff on the ground, it's really hard to turn one's thoughts to spring, but the calendar tells me we are indeed headed in the right direction.

I don't usually say this sort of thing, but I'm quite happy to see my asphalt driveway.

It was just three or four days ago when, after attending to roof snow removal, ice dam removal, and keeping the driveway just barely passable, I found time to tackle the front stairs leading to the main entrance.

Owl Hollow did not escape the winter unscathed. We experienced water leaks against the south wall of the house when ice dams became so backed up the water had nowhere to go but inside the wall. This caused paint to blister, wallpaper to come up and walls to wrinkle and crack inside two closets and adjacent walls.

An initial estimate for repairs I got from someone I met at a local Home Show was ridiculously overpriced, so I will be looking around for an honest workman who can do wood paneling inside two closets, a project that needed to be done all along but which is now even more of a certainty; I think I can manage the more minor damage outside the closets by doing the compounding, sanding and repainting myself.

As for downed tree branches, a recurring event, we only had one white pine branch come down; it appears manageable with my trusty bow saw. The solar lighting has been buried for months; I hope they still work when exposed to daylight.

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