Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Coming!

The snowdrops are up! First sign of spring!

And they've spread a bit as well. No more complaining! If the snowdrops are up, crocuses and daffodils can't be far behind.

Now, how do you think I discovered the snowdrops were up? Surely, I would go outside under the big white pine and have a look-see. Nooo, I didn't think they'd be this early.

So I was browsing through some older posts of the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service blog. The writer said she noticed that on a recent trip to Stamford she'd seen the snowdrops were already up. What? I mentally shouted to myself. I ran to my window and looked underneath the pine where, nine years ago, I'd planted a small clump of snow drops given to my by a former co-worker. Sure enough, there they were, plain as day. I grabbed my camera and ran outside to record the scene.

Yes, they've spread, but in nine years time, they still only occupy an area of a few square feet.

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