Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wet Garlic, a Lovely Sun Room and My Feral Friend

The garlic I was drying is soaked. I'd totally forgotten I'd put them on the north side of the house last week, under my two-story-high rhododendrons, to dry.

I imagine they'll still be okay, and although the heads are smaller than what you'd find in the supermarket, I am looking forward to sauteing them with a little olive oil in my next culinary masterpiece.

Phase 1 of my sun room project is now done, meaning, the builder has finished installing the windows and door, the benches, trimwork and the stone wall exterior. I hope to prime those benches tomorrow and am counting on improved weather.

It certainly looks lovely with the hydrangea tree in bloom.

I've made great progress, too, with Waldo, the feral cat. This morning as I whiled away a murky, rainy day, he jumped up on the bed and wedged in against my side as if he'd been doing that a million years. He is still a little skittish if I pass my hand over his head, move too quickly or walk around him, but with time I'm confident he'll lose most of his fears..

Here's the big guy looking out the screen door with Luther:

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